400mg Active CBD

Our most potent CBD cream that provides maximum relief - has a whole body effect and a pleasant light citrus scent. CBD penetrates the skin into your bloodstream for highly effective neuropathic pain, muscle and joint pain, deep tissue soreness, systemic and chronic pain and reduces inflammation.


Net Wt. 2 oz.

BASKiN+ Extended Wellness Cream 400mg

  • The pharmaceutical grade creams are formulated using a patented time released technology assuring safe and effective relief from localized pain, sore muscles and inflammation. BASKiN has been scientifically proven to work locally and transdermally to activate the CB2 receptors found throughout our body's endocannabinoid system.


  • CBD (Cannabidoil) Is recognized worldwide for its health benefits. These pharmaceutical grade creams are formulated using the patended Invisicare technology to ensure the delivery of CBD where it is applied and needed.  BASKiN+ Extended Wellness creams are superior, quality products that provide highly effective relief.

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